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About us

Auron International is a Business Development company established in 2009.

At Auron International we specialize in analyzing information, planning and implementing our knowledge in different industries.

Creating and innovating is in our core and Auron International is the platform to make things happen.

At Auron International we are always looking for new and challenging projects and our mission is to make this projects become successful businesses.


Current Projects

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Once Upon a Cowboy is a very exciting project currently in development. It is a small theme park where you will be able to live an adventure in the wild west surrounded by the use of new technologies that will enhance your experience.

You will be able to visit or book your party making it a magical experience, and did we mentioned the dinosaurs?

You will be able to learn about the wild west and dinosaurs in a fun and interactive way.


The Baked Bear is a Franchise that originated in San Diego California in 2013. Our goal is to grow in Texas with the Brand which has being a very fun project for us to work with.

Currently we have 2 stores in Austin Texas and we are planning our 3rd shop to open on 2021.

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Our produce import and export project have being in development to connect the Mexican farms to the US markets.

We have established connections with several avocado farms in Mexico and distributors in the US.

Now that the network is all set, we have started importing avocadoes to the US since January 2019.

Our goal is to grow this branch of our business in the coming years, and bring more products to the US and Europe.


Auron Technologies is our new branch in development which focuses on finding new technologies to incorporate in businesses in the US and Mexico.

We are currently developing apps for a taxi services that will innovate the way they operate.

We are also developing a POS made for the restaurant industry.