The Auron family is formed by very talented individuals who shine in their areas. All come from different backgrounds and enjoy what they do, because we love what we do and always look to do it in a fun and professional way.


Eugenio Chamarro

He is an entrepreneur and Organizational Psychologist from the Tecnologico of Monterrey Institute. His people skills makes him our best PR in Auron group. He seeks new technologies and potential business opportunities in different industries. He is also involved in the operations of our projects.

tito 1.jpg

Tito Manzur

He is the glue that keeps everything together. He is a Financial Administrator from the Tecnologico of Monterrey and entrepreneur who understands a businesses from its roots. Strategy and organization is the key to success. Decision making, organization, professionalism and reliability makes Tito Manzur a good leader to the Auron Family.


Carolina Casillas

A CPA with a natural talent in administration. She is the go to person when you need to develop a financial strategy or to keep things organized. Her experience in business management and decision making gives our team a solid foundation.


Franklin Castillo

He is one of the best operational managers in the food industry. His people skills and reliability makes him a natural leader.

Trust and organization is what defines Frank as an excellent plan executioner


Sughey Ramirez

With a title in business administration and a good sense of what is really important to people makes her our head of Human Resources. Talking to people and understanding their needs is her forte.


Patricia Guzman

Our Real Estate specialist, always in the lookout and passionate about her work. This makes Patricia one of the must professional Realtors in the market. Her experience is a great addition to the team, and her experience in the Real Estate market gives us an edge in our decision making process. 


Lawrence Darsey

Our master Baker, Lawrence makes things happen, his attitude can illuminate a room. Always looking for perfection in every task he is given. His positive vibe is essential to our teams.

daniel 2.jpeg

Daniel Manzur

He is a Biologist from the UNAM. His mission is to save the world one project at a time. He is our Green Specialist, from oil remediation techniques to the food industry, there is always something we can do to save the planet.


Logan Broussard

A Physicist from UT, Logan is always looking for a challenge, always trying to learn more and get better and better every day. His expertise in programing and physics are a good combo to have around.


Emmanuel Buchanan

Manny the Mannyger is a Psychologist who is always positive about any challenge he encounters through his path. He is always injecting his good vibes to everyone around, excellent leader and motivational inspiration for all of us in the Auron family.

Alyssa Miller

Alyssa is one of our must trusted managers. She is a very talented individual. Her sales skills and customer interactions are some of her superpowers.

She is always smiling and encouraging others to be the best version of themselves.